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Chocolate Tumaco is a non-profit organization, created on October 30, 2013 under the name of cocoa-producing organizations of Tumaco CHOCOLATE TUMACO.

The association is made up of 7 community councils (Caunapi, Rosario, Tablon Dulce, Tablon Salado, Chagui, Acapa and Las Varas) and 2 producer organizations (Palmasur Sat and Corpoteva).

It creates an association with great capacity of purchase, and guarantee the comercialization of the cocoa tha the region produces.

This company manages to maintain cocoa prices, improve the producer´s income and maintain the qualityof the product.

Our Mission

Our mission is to market dry gain cocoa, chocolate and it´s derivatives from Colombian Pacific producers and satisfy the needs of the local and international market.

Tumaco Nariño, in the south of Colombia, has many strengths. Its strategic position near the sea, its height, its privileged location and a tropicale climate allow it to have high quality products.

Ubicación geográfica Chocolate Tumaco
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Our Partners

We are made up ofthe following community councils snd producer organizations: Unión Rio Rosario, Rescate las varas, Tablón Dulce, Tablón Salado, Caunapi, Acapa y Chagüi and Palmasur Sat, y Corpoteva.

Our purpose is to generate commercial agreements, with national and international companies, and to give benefit to more than 5000 producers of the region that produce cacao. Our organization has a seal of quality UTZ.

Socios Chocolate Tumaco

Palmasur Sat

Producer Organization

Socios Chocolate Tumaco


OProducer Organization

Socios Chocolate Tumaco

Rescate las Varas

Community Councils

Socios Chocolate Tumaco

Rio Tablón Dulce

Community Councils

Socios Chocolate Tumaco

Rio Tablón Salado

Community Councils

Socios Chocolate Tumaco


Community Councils

Socios Chocolate Tumaco

Unión Rio Caunapi

Community Councils

Socios Chocolate Tumaco

Unión Rio Chagüi

Community Councils

Socios Chocolate Tumaco

Unión Rio Rosario

Community Councils

Our Products

Cacao en grano seco Chocolate Tumaco

Chocolate Tumaco


Dry Grain Cocoa

Chocolate de mesa Chocolate Tumaco

Chocolate Tumaco


Table Chocolate with Sugar

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El Agro Exporta - Chocolate Tumaco

Agro Exports

Our Association participating in the launching of the "Agro Exports" alliance in the Carmen Voboral (Antioquia), in which the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce, associations, companies and farmers' associations participated.

Novena y Decima Exportación - Chocolate Tumaco

Technological modernization in storage

Technological modernization, installation of conveyor belt of CACAO IN GRAIN for the classification by size and packages for the storage site stacking. The second assembly of Chocolate Tumaco was held in the facilities of the Porto Bello hotel, where the producers and partners who are part of this important company from Tumaco attended, in which all the advances that were obtained in 2015 and achievements were reported. and goals that are expected for 2016.

The attendees were satisfied with the information provided and of course with the progress made by that organization.

Modernización Caocultura - Chocolate Tumaco

Modernización Caocultura

In the municipality of Tumaco there are more than 14,440 hectares of cocoa, most of them are traditional crops that are over 50 years old, with a yield per hectare that does not exceed 200kg / year, this low productivity leads the organization to implement a project to modernize technical assistance for cocoa cultivation, which will improve the yield per hectare and therefore the living conditions of our producers.

It is so that the marketing company Chocolate Tumaco, through its foundation, has been developing actions of rehabilitation and renovation of cocoa plantations, where it is permanently accompanying the producers associated with the marketer in all the work of pruning and maintenance of the crop, this as a mechanism to stimulate the cocoa sector and generate greater and better income to cocoa families in the municipality of Tumaco.

Permanence Special Administration 2022

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Chocolate Tumaco

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